Since 18/07/2017, the company SDMS "La chaudronnerie blanche®"  is wholly owned by Technoplus Industries.

SDMS "La Chaudronnerie Blanche®" is established in France in Saint-Romans (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region), has been specialized in machined and welded sheet metal work with noble and rare metals.

The complementarity of the technical expertise of the two companies will enable the group to expand its offer and position itself in many markets.


  mains SDMS-TPI



TPI machine  parts  from additive manufacturing of LISI AEROSPACE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING 

TPI machine titanium parts made of aluminum or polyamide from additive manufacturing.

 Milling, drilling, tapping the various parts (support chassis, waveguides, ..) from additive manufactures with very tight tolerances.
The difficulty arises from the fact that these parts having very complex geometries and  finding refrerence points to position the machining operations is not simple.
A three-dimensional inspection (with control PV) of the surfaces thus machined is carried out before delivery.

Chassis  copyright Thales Alenia Space

 Aero spatial Support de Telemetrie et de Telecommande  Pièce martyr pour test d'usinage (autorisé)
copyright Thales Alenia Space


A new 5-axis machining center at TPI

Mazak VTC 800/30SR
Strokes :  X/Y/ Z : 3000/800/720
5 axis machining

  •  Spindle speed 18 000tr/mn,
  • 48 tools,
  • Rotative table CN Mazak,
  • Renishaw probe

VTC 800_30 SR

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