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Design, machining  & assembly

Fields of activities TechnoPlus Industries :

Aeronautics & spacial

Critical component manufacturing for aeronautics and aerospace industries.
Critical helicopter parts and satellite structural components. Additive manufacturing (3D printing).
Design, manufacturing, and testing of assembling tools for satellites, helicopters or aircrafts. Such equipment are assembled and tested in our integration halls.
Welding solution, Electron Beam (EBW) or Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).
Research and development of vacuum brazing solutions for heat exchangers.


Nuclear industry

Machined and welded components for nuclear propulsion reactors (Barracuda class submarines) or EPR (Control Rod Guide Assemblies).
Contribution to the design of control rods and specific tools.
Practise of nuclear-specific design and manufacturing codes RCC-M, RCC-MX or ASME
Vacuum brazing of test devices (for ITER).
TPI products range include specific tools, masts and poles for remote operation
TPI distributes Néolube 2 graphite anti-seize lubricant (registered for use in Nuclear Power Plants).





Design and integration of facilities for the industrial sector.
Special-purpose machines for industrial production.
Automated non-destructive testing machines.
Instrumented test benches of all kinds.
Our integration halls can accommodate large welded assemblies for assembly and testing.
TPI service activities: troubleshooting, emergency machining, commissioning, on-site works.
TPI also supplies Sahnam products : Acoustic filters and diffusers, air-oil accumulators.

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13 M€ turn over

112 employees on two sites : Les Pennes Mirabeau close to  Marignane and St Paul Lez Durance close to CEA Cadarache center



Workshops 6000 m² including machining centers Air-conditionned assembly halls Wide and deep pits for tall assemblies Bridges crane.....



Contrat iso tpi

Airbus helicopters agreements Part 21 and certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • En 9100


Nos clients :