Designs office 

Engineers and designers can offer “Design and build” services for your equipment, test-benches and other special-purpose machines, according to your specifications.
TPI’s experience in various industrial fields allows mastered designs, tailored to your needs.
Closed link with the Manufacturing dept. provides optimized machining-time and reduces production costs.

Electrical design, command control and mechatronics are defined in connection with mechanic design.


Experience with European Directives 2006/42-EC, ATEX94/9-EC, CEM2004/108, ESP97/23-EC


Mastery of nuclear specific design & manufacturing codes RCC-M, -MX, -ME or ASME


Design manages RAM (Reliability/Availability/Maintainability) constraints.


Methods Department

Engineers and technicians develop complex components machining sequences and define the necessary tooling.
CAD and CAM (Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing) allows de-risked machining phases.
CAM produces the files containing the control programme for the numerically controlled machines.
The file (ISO programme) accurately describes the movements to be performed by the machine tools to produce the required part.

Computer Network and Softwares

TPI’s efficient and secure network allows data sharing and sustainability.

TPI uses SYLOB for production planning and projects monitoring

TPI possesses many development licenses

• CAD: SolidWorks, Catia
• Electricity and command control : Autocad Electrical / Step 7Siemens / Sistema
• CAM: Spirit


Nos clients :